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Due to the recent influx of a$$holes posting spam/crap/p0rn

I have changed this account to be moderated for membership. Those of you who are currently members of this site can still post as freely as you like. Any new members will have to be approved, and only members have posting access.

Ace, dear, I have added you as a maintainer of this community because you just simply rock. :) That, and you've been seeing these kinds of things before I have a chance you've got access now. I trust ya. :)
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The post by "viviairoko" (I will not put it in standard LJ format, so you won't click on it) is spam and/or trolling. Don't click on the picture! And don't try to visit the account page; it will log you out of LJ somehow, and display a bunch of ads. If you try to log back in, it will just log you out again. And you can't flag something if you're not logged in. The post needs to be deleted, and the account reported as spam, trolling, and possible malware, and the name banned everywhere.
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